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Hi there! I’m Mike Borza, certified Canine Behavior Specialist and Master Dog Trainer in Fort Collins, Colorado. I’ve been specializing in helping dogs with aggression management (dog/human, dog/dog, and food aggression), search & rescue, narcotics & bomb sniffing, and obedience for over 24 years. My career began with training service and therapy dogs, followed by several years training police dogs.

Through research, personal experiences, and my gift of connecting with animals, I have developed a unique approach to understanding your dog’s trouble areas and how to get them to respond in a positive way. Once your furry friend and I are connected and communicating, I will teach you how to do the same. Giving you the chance to apply what you’re learning throughout the process will ensure lasting results.


Feel free to message me with any questions you may have.

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Specialized Programs

Every dog has a unique personality and situation. I will work with you to find the best program fit for you and your canine, whether it be in-home training visits or a group class. Group classes are held outside at a local park, and each class has up to seven puppy-pupils. Call me at (815) 997-8999 to set up your free in-home introductory evaluation today! 

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In-Home Visits

*within a 25 mile radius of Fort Collins

Group Classes

$225/six sessions/dog

Power to the Paw

Although I love all dogs, I have an extra soft spot for rescue animals. Being a foster parent for the PAWS Humane Society, Fresh Start Animal Adoption Center, and volunteering at numerous clinics and pet adoption fairs state-wide brings me joy in my free time. I also train shelter animals to increase their likelihood of adoption, which also greatly reduces the chance of them being returned to the shelter.

If you adopted your companion, enjoy one free training session in addition to your free introductory evaluation!







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Dog Owner Reviews

“Mike gave us all of the tools to be constructive and disciplined dog owners. Our puppy responded just as he said she would with proper training and consistency. Worth every penny and then some. We plan to have him come back for follow-up and more intense training in the near future.”

– Jill Trotter

“Mike is the best! Knowledgeable, current on methods and technologies. I have enjoyed his group classes as well as private lessons He’s readily shares his methods and techniques and is in it for the best interest of your pet.”

– Ayn Steinlein

“Mike has the most special way of training your dog. You will not be be disappointed.”

– Kathy Pickett

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